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Taxes to Investing: A Kid’s Guide to Money

We see money being used everyday just about everywhere. It is important because it helps our society to function by buying goods and services. In the very old days, people didn’t have the kind of money we do today. Originally, they would barter or trade. For example, one farmer might give a bag of eggs to a merchant in exchange for a container of oil. Gradually, people started to discover the value of the products that they were selling they symbolized that value with very early forms of money, such as pretty shells or rocks. You can imagine how heavy a pocketful of rocks could become! To make things even easier, coins were developed and later on, paper money too. Think about the last time you went with your parents to the grocery store, the bank or the movies. Money and transactions exist in several different forms today, including credit cards, debit cards, checks and investments. Follow this resource guide to learn more about how money evolved and how we use it today.

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