Understanding Comdex Ratings

Life insurance ratings tell you essential information about a company like its financial strength and ability to pay out future claims.

The chart below shows life insurance company ratings from the four leading rating agencies in the United States: A.M. Best, S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch. Each of these independent agencies uses its own rating or grading scale to rate the financial strength of life insurance companies. The chart also includes the Comdex Score, which is an unbiased composite score that averages the ratings of the major agencies.

A.M. Best: All A-grade ratings (A++, A+, A, and A-) identify the best insurance companies in terms of financial strength. B ratings indicate secure policies at more affordable rates; C ratings indicate an average life insurance company; D ratings indicate an unreliable company.

S&P: AAA indicates the highest rated life insurance company, with AA, A, and BBB indicating financially strong companies. Insurers rated BB or lower are regarded as having vulnerable characteristics. R indicates regulatory supervision; D / SD indicates in default on obligations.

Moody’s: The more “a’s” the better. Aaa is the top rating, followed by Aa and A. B and C-grade ratings can be followed by “a’s” to indicate their ranking; all ratings below Aaa can also be followed by numbers 1-3 (example: Baa2 is higher than Ba3). C is the lowest ranking.

Fitch: AAA, AA, A, and BBB indicate the highest credit quality, investment-grade companies. The letter grades of BB, CCC, CC, and D are considered speculative, with vulnerability increasing as you move down the list. The use of “+” or “-” differentiates companies as well.

Below, please find the 2019 life insurance ratings for nearly every life insurance company in the United States.


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