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Compare Top Fixed Annuity Rates

Please find two tables below; the first showing the current top fixed rate by term as well as a comprehensive, sortable table with product information. The annuity with the highest rate may not necessarily be the best annuity for you as there are other determining factors to consider including company safety ratings, withdrawal provisions, waiver of death surrender charges and market value adjustments, to name a few.

Annuity FYI recommends requesting a custom quote as a first step for all prospective annuity buyers by clicking the blue ‘Request Product Details’ button below the table.

Top Fixed Annuity (MYGA) Rates

Top Rates as of 03/28/23

3 Year MYGA

Atlantic Coast Life

Safe Haven 3


5 Year MYGA

CL Life

CL Sundance


7 Year MYGA

Nassau Life

Nassau MYAnnuity 7x


10 Year MYGA

American National

Palladium MYG Annuity


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