When evaluating deferred income annuities, Annuity FYI looks for features and fees of the annuity itself and the company issuing the annuity.

Criteria we use in evaluating the annuity are:

  1. Inflation Protection – optional benefits that increase your guaranteed income, at a fixed or variable rate, to hedge against the effects of inflation.
  2. Death Benefits — optional benefits that pass your premium, or your income stream for a guaranteed period, to your heirs should you pass away prematurely.
  3. Liquidity – ability to access your premium (often subject to a surrender fee).
  4. Add-ons – how subsequent contributions are factored into future income.

Criteria we use in evaluating the insurance company issuing the annuities and riders are:

  1. High safety ratings of the issuing company – the features and benefits are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing company and its re-insurers.
  2. Company management, customer service, and ease of account access
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