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Are Your Annuities Protected?

In the December issue of Fortune, Walter Updegrade soothes the concerns of some consumers worried about their annuity investments. Despite the struggling financial markets, so far no major life insurance company has gone under. Even AIG’s insurance subsidiaries have remained largely unscathed! State insurance departments …

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NAVA: Variable Annuities Slump in Third Quarter

The Association for Insured Retirement Solutions, also known as NAVA, has released its latest data on the variable annuity industry. Their third quarter figures for show that variable annuities have taken a beating in the midst of economic uncertainty and troubled financial markets: Decreased value …

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Important Changes in Variable Annuities

Wall Street Journal reporters Leslie Scism and Liam Pleven recently highlighted the modifications made by insurers to variable annuity benefits. These annuities have been very popular with baby boomers looking for a safer retirement plan with tax benefits and a minimum return. However, the current …

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