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Shorter Surrender Periods Improve Sales of Indexed Annuities

As the first-quarter numbers roll in, the data is showing that investors are especially attracted to indexed annuities with shorter surrender periods. Sales through banks and broker-dealers skyrocketed as these distributors prefer the shorter surrender periods due to the higher rates and caps that they …

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Fee-Based Variable Annuities Are the Wave of the Future

In a new article for Think Advisor, William H. Byrnes and Robert Bloink discussed the expected 180 in the variable annuity industry. “After the DOL Fiduciary Rule, Enter the Fee-Based Variable Annuity,” says that many insurance companies are already working on fee-based VAs and scrapping …

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Turmoil in the Variable & Indexed Annuity Industry

The annuity market is changing. This is partly because of the recent DOL fiduciary rule and partly because of other forces in the economy. In an article for Think Advisor, Raymond James’ Scott Stoltz gives us “A Glimpse of the Future of Annuities.” Variable annuity …

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