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Industry Experts Predict Retirement Benefit Changes

Did you realize that more than 9,000 Americans reach the “retirement age” of 65 every day? And because people in general are living longer, healthier lives, they will need more money to survive. As more and more people join this demographic, the implications for federal …

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Annuities Can Help Delay and Supplement Social Security

Steve Vernon wrote an article for CBS Moneywatch offering advice on “How to hike your guaranteed lifetime retirement income.” He researched this topic with Wade Pfau and Joe Tomlinson in a study from the Stanford Center for Longevity (SCL) and the Society of Acutaries (SOA). …

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Don’t Buy An Annuity Until You Do Your Homework

While annuities are not right for everyone, they certainly take the worry out of outliving one’s savings in retirement for many people.  In “7 tips to avoid annuity headaches,” Melody Juge of Marketwatch offers a word of caution before making the decision to purchase an …

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