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Retirement Income is More Important than Leaving Money to Heirs

Steve Vernon has been writing about generating retirement income in a three part series for CBS Moneywatch.  In the third article, “Generate retirement income or leave a legacy?,” he questions whether retirees can actually do both and which is more important.  You cannot do both …

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Save with 401k Plans, Then Use Annuities for Income

In a two part series for Bankrate, Chris Kissell interviewed a finance professor from Baltimore on the subject of retirement planning.  The first article, “Roth IRAs, Annuities, and Your Retirement,” was published in Fox Business’ personal finance section.  The first question asked whether one should …

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Annuities as Retirement Income

There are a few factors to consider when weighing your option of annuities for retirement income.  Fixed and variable annuities are the two main types offered.  With a fixed annuity, you receive interest based on contract terms with the insurance company where you purchased the …

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