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Annuity Sales Trends

One of the leading providers of life, disability, dental and other benefits in the U.S., Guardian life Insurance Company of America, has just launched a new fixed indexed annuity with an optional guaranteed living benefit rider.  In an effort to help mitigate market volatility and …

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Product Alert: Harbourview MYGA 3

Act Fast: The Harbourview 3-Year Fixed Annuity is Dropping from 3% to 2.5% on 7/28. If you’re interested in a short-term fixed annuity in these economically trying times – one that probably pays out the most you can get in a world of rock-bottom interest …

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Considering a Fixed-Rate Annuity? Check This Out First

There are several different kinds of annuity products available as well as a la carte options to customize your contract to meet your unique needs. One of these additional options is the Income Rider, and despite its popularity, many are still confused about how this …

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