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Immediate Annuities Meet A Variety of Needs

Retirement planning expert Walter Updegrave has written multiple books and articles about retirement and investing in our current economic conditions. He recently wrote an article for CNN Money about “How to get guaranteed retirement income for life.” A reader asked about using immediate annuities to …

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How Mortality Credits Make Income Annuities Work

You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t want guaranteed lifetime income. But there are not very many places to find this type of a guarantee. Lucky workers have a pension that will continue to pay them income even after they are no …

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Mortality Credits Make Immediate Annuity Hard to Beat

Retirement Guru Walter Updegrave says that an immediate annuity product is always going to beat your investments. While he admits that immediate annuities aren’t for everyone, most people do much better with the guaranteed income from an immediate annuity than they do trying to create …

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