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Those Who Most Need Longevity Annuities Not Buying Them

Newsroom America just published an article about a new study performed by The University of Missouri’s assistant professor of personal financial planning, Michael Guillemette. In “Seniors Less Likely to Buy Longevity Insurance Despite Value, Study Says,” we learn that the people who most need longevity …

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New York Life Sells $1B of Deferred Income Annuities

The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch recently published an article by Anne Tergesen stating that “More boomers (are) buying ‘longevity’ annuities.”  While immediate annuities are still a popular choice for retirees, some younger Baby Boomers are purchasing deferred annuities as early as their 50’s, even though …

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Deferred Income Annuity, aka Longevity Insurance

Deferred income annuities, or longevity insurance, are being introduced by more and more mutual insurance companies.  These annuities are becoming increasingly popular due in part to the the low interest rate environment and a volatile stock market.  Investment News’ Darla Mercado talks about why mutual …

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