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Understanding Annuity Income

There are a lot of choices when purchasing an annuity, but in general, the guaranteed  lifetime income stream is always the same, according to a recent article from The Street. Author, Stan “the Annuity Man” Haithcock, argues that whether you purchase an SPIA (Single Premium …

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Longevity Annuity Eliminates Unknowns in Retirement Planning

Michael Kitces published an article for Bank Investment Consultant explaining how “This tool can take the mystery out of retirement planning.” The took he is referring to is an annuity product, in particular a longevity annuity. The uncertainty of our life span is one of …

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It’s Easy to Account for Longevity Risk with a DIA

It might seem like we’ve been blogging a lot about deferred income annuities recently and we have.  That’s because deferred income annuities, aka longevity annuities, are all over the news lately.  One of the most recent articles about these products was written for The Huffington …

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