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No-Return Deferred Income Annuities Greatly Increase Payouts

Deferred income annuities have skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple of years because of their affordable guarantees and their increasing use as QLACs in defined contribution plans. There is a new trend with deferred income annuity products that could drastically increase those already valuable …

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Annuities Offer Benefits, But Ask Questions Before Purchasing

In a recent article for The Wall Street Journal, the American Association of Individual Investors’ Charles Rotblut offered “A Guide to Avoiding the Biggest Annuity Mistakes.” Annuities confuse many people, so it is the responsibility of advisors and insurance companies to make sure that these …

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QLACs Likely to Increase Retirement Readiness

The Employee Benefit Research Institute is a non-profit research group dealing with retirement readiness in America. Recently, they looked into whether QLACs will actually increase the retirement readiness of 401k participants and found that they most likely will. This information comes from Nick Thornton’s Benefits …

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