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Rising Interest Rates and Your Annuity

As interest rates begin to rise, many investors are questioning what this could mean for annuity products. Fixed annuities, in particular, are marketed as having an upside benefit of the market without the risky downside. What’s important to remember is that when returns are capped …

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Fixed Annuity Industry is Happy with Fed’s Rate Increase

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates mid-month last December, which is likely a good thing for the fixed annuity industry. Insurance News Net’s Linda Koco forecasted how the .25% increase would effect the industry in the article “Rate Increase Bodes Well for Fixed Annuity Sales.” …

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Slowly Increasing Interest Rates Good for Fixed Annuities

Interest rates are important for the bond market as well as the fixed annuity market.  But just as important as what the interest rate value actually is, is what direction it is headed at what speed.  “Bond market fears igniting interest in fixed annuities,” by …

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