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Technology Can Help The Annuity Industry

Despite the recent Department of Labor legislation bringing annuities into the limelight, more needs to be done in the industry to make these products relevant in the minds of Americans. Forbes magazine’s Matt Carey and Olivia Mitchell discussed the changes necessary in the annuity industry …

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Longevity Annuity Recommendations

Longevity annuities come in two different types and help to insure that you will not run out of money in retirement.  They are essentially the opposite of life insurance, which leaves money behind in the case of an early death.  Deferred income annuities and fixed …

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Variable Annuity Products Will Remain In Demand

Cogent research recently released study results in their Advisor Brandscape 2012 report.  They polled close to 2,000 financial advisors, all of whom maintain assets under management of at least $5 million.  This information comes from Financial Advisor magazine’s “Variable Annuity Demand To Stay Strong, Says …

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