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Three Types of Immediate Annuities

I often find articles asking if annuities are right for the audience reading them.  There certainly is no clear cut answer to that question, but the AARP did a great job of simplifying the answer for their readers in their version of “Is An Annuity …

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6 Retirement Tips You Need to Know

Most of us have an ideal in our minds about how retirement should be.  As we travel through our working years, we dream of spending time with grand kids or relaxing on a beach somewhere once our working days are done.  But make sure to …

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8 Bits of Financial Advice for Your Future Retirement

The fact that many Americans are living a longer life brings some consequences along with it.  As we live longer and think about living longer, we increase our stress over finances and health in the future.  The concern about living longer than our money lasts …

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