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You Can Get A 6.76% Immediate Annuity Rate

Are you one of the people who don’t think you can get any good annuity rates right now?  The AARP recently sent out some advertising for an immediate annuity rate of 6.5%.  While that is not a bad rate, we were able to find better.  …

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Annuity Products Make Sense Right Now

Now is definitely a good time to purchase annuities, providing you find those that are low cost and have terms you like.  This is the conclusion come to by Dan Kaplinger of the Motley Fool, in his article “Is Now a Good Time for Annuities?”  …

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Talk to Annuity Expert for Best Advice, Even in 80’s

I’m really disappointed in something I recently read in the Daily Local News out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  In a question and answer column with columnist Bruce Williams, someone wrote in asking whether annuities would be a good idea to help them finance their remaining retirement.  …

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