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Focus on Guaranteed Lifetime Income in Retirement Planning

On paper, annuities have everything that retirement savers need to meet their income needs when they are no longer working. But most workers are not choosing annuities because they aren’t aware of their value. There are other behavioral factors keeping people away from annuities as …

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Three Reasons To Buy An Annuity Product

In an article for Kiplinger, financial expert Lisa Brown gives three scenarios “When Buying Annuities Makes Sense.” She is one of many financial planners who used to be opposed to annuity products, but now sees value in the benefits they offer consumers. Too many people …

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Fixed Indexed Annuity Benefits Are Still In Demand

There is still a case to be made for buying fixed indexed annuity products. Before they were included in the DOL’s fiduciary rule, FIA sales were sky high and on an eight year streak of increases. Since the rule has been announced, some experts are …

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