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Fixed Index Annuities Set for Comeback

Historically, fixed indexed annuities have gained favor with investors who like the idea of participating in market gains while protecting their principal. Couple this with a guaranteed stream of income in retirement and it’s not hard to understand why these annuities have been the most …

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Retirement Planning: Thinking Outside the Box

Do you find yourself buying the same make of car as your dad always did? Do you prefer a certain brand of coffee or tea because it’s what your mom always drank? Perhaps you gravitate towards a particular fashion label because growing up, it’s all …

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Senate Finance Committee Helps 401k Annuity Exposure

Experts in the annuity industry have been pushing the government to make changes to regulations that would allow for more use of annuities in 401k plans. The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act of 2016 does just that. It was recently passed by the Senate Finance …

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