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Annuity Sales Increase As Consumer Awareness of Their Value Does

It’s no coincidence that annuity awareness and sales are growing at the same time. Lack of awareness and misinformation have really been the factors keeping people away from annuities despite the fact that annuity benefits match up with personal finance goals. In a recent LifeHealthPro …

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Fixed Indexed Annuity with Rising Income Rider

Piecing together a retirement income plan can be just like putting a puzzle together. There are many different pieces and parts that can work, but your individual plan is different from anyone else’s. What works in your puzzle won’t necessarily work in another. As an …

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Deficient Reasoning Keeps Some People From Buying Annuities

We at Annuity FYI will be the first to admit that annuities are not right for everyone. But annuity products can offer great benefits and be an excellent addition to many retirement income plans. In Time’s Money Magazine, Walter Updegrave offered up the important things …

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