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Annuities Create Lifetime Income From Retirement Savings

Running out of money in retirement is one of Americans’ biggest concerns. They have good reason for this worry. Only 22% of workers in private companies have a pension from their employer that will pay them monthly income. Most of these pension recipients will get …

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Fixed Annuities Offer Special Benefits

Fixed annuity products can be a great financial tool for your retirement plan.  They have a lot of benefits to offer, especially for investors who are conservative.  Fixed annuities allow you to build your wealth and protect those assets while they are growing at a …

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Higher Payouts, Pension-Like Income from Deferred Income Annuities

There are certain places where you often see negative information about annuities.  So when a financial magazine like Kiplinger’s says that “Deferred Income Annuities Offer Predictability,” you know that these products are something to look into.  Kimberly Lankford points out that deferred income annuities create …

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