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Add A Variable Annuity With A GMWB To Your Retirement Plan

Variable annuity products are often maligned in the financial world, but they can serve an important purpose in retirement planning for many Americans. In a recent article for The Woonsocket Call, “Building a sound retirement income plan,” Chris Boules explains how variable annuities can help …

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ING U.S. Fixed Annuities Will Be Offered By Allstate

There is big news for Allstate customers who were disappointed earlier this year they announced that they would no longer be selling their fixed annuities.  By the end of this year, Allstate will no longer sell their Growth and Income Protector, Income Ready, or RightFit …

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Using an Immediate Annuity for Retirement: 4 Different Ways

As we are always stressing here at Annuity FYI, there are both good annuities and bad annuities.  In Steve Vernon’s article for CBS News’ Moneywatch, “The best way to buy annuities for retirement,” he says that annuities hold an important place in your retirement planning …

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