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Equity Linked CDs for the Indecisive

According to “Alternatives for the Undecided,” by Serge Troyanovsky of Financial Planning, equity linked CDs can be looked at as a sort of happy medium.  Many investors just cannot decide between risky investments with potentially high returns and safe investments that lose out in bullish …

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Wise Indexed CD vs. Fixed-Index Annuity

Wells Fargo’s SGI Wise US Index equity linked CD is a great investment opportunity.  In comparison to a fixed-index annuity product, this wise indexed CD has more of what we recommend.  One of the biggest differences between these investment products is FDIC insurance.  Equity linked …

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Compare Equity Linked CDs

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has an informational page dedicated to equity linked CDs.  They are certificates of deposit that tie your rate of return to a stock index’s performance.  With FDIC insurance, equity linked CDs have an extra safeguard that other investment …

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