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Deferred Fixed Annuity with Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit

Pacific Life Insurance Company has just released a new deferred fixed annuity that is a little different from the rest.  The Pacific Income Advantage not only offers fixed annuity benefits, but it also has the option for a Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit with yearly crediting.  This …

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Choose an Annuity Based on Your Top Priority

Many annuity products claim that they can give you the best of both worlds or offer you everything you need in just one product.  The thing with annuities is that they offer you great benefits, but you really need to focus on the benefit that …

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Understanding Annuity Taxes

In “How Annuity Withdrawals are Taxed” by Kimberly Lankford of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Lankford explains the ins and outs of taxes on annuities.  There are 3 things that need considering when determining the taxes for annuities: whether it is an immediate or deferred annuity, with …

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