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Annuities Can Make Your Savings Last a Lifetime

In “Turning a lifetime of savings into income,” Walter Updegrave of Money Magazine gives advice on the best ways for you to make your retirement portfolio last as long as you live.  He stresses that there are pros and cons to whatever options you choose …

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Save on Annuity Taxes

Making the right decisions regarding your annuities can save you on taxes, according to “Swapping Annuities Tax-Free” by Bill Bischoff in Smart Money.  The rising popularity of annuities since the Dow Jones largest plummet almost a year ago makes sense because they guarantee retirement income …

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Annuities as an Effective Means to Retirement

In the Raleigh Personal Finance Examiner, Robert Stack wrote that “Annuities are a useful tool.”  He points out that clients are often wary of annuities because of common misconceptions, but that they are important for many reasons.  Annuities are one of the most secure ways …

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