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New Nationwide Annuity Rider Designed for Growth Potential

Indexed annuity designer Annexus has done it again, this time partnering up with Nationwide to develop a new lifetime withdrawal feature. Consumers now have the option of combining the new feature, the Nationwide High Point 365 Lifetime Income Benefit rider, exclusively with the company’s New …

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Do You Need an Inflation-Adjusted Annuity?

Financial markets have been less than stable over the past decade or so.  This leaves many people wondering what is going to happen with inflation in their retirement years and how to account for that inflation in their retirement planning.  In the U.K.’s Money Observer, …

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Use Annuities to Cover All Your Bases

As stated in an article in the Latah Eagle, “Income annuities can help fill the retirement income gap.”  Many retirees will have a fixed stream of income from 401(k)’s, pensions, or promised Social Security payments.  Unfortunately, all too often these planned sources don’t cover retirees …

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