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Don’t Make These 10 Annuity Shopping Mistakes

Stan “The Annuity Man” Haithcock makes an annuity video for us weekly where he rants about certain aspects of the insurance industry.  In his recent Marketwatch article, “Top 10 mistakes by annuity shoppers“, he offers advice to help consumers buy an annuity rather than being …

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SPIAs Provide Guaranteed Retirement Paychecks

In the Fox Business article, “Should Annuities Provide Your Retirement Paycheck,” Tom Hegna discusses the possibility of annuities financing the new American retirement.  He says that annuity products should definitely be considered as a means for meeting your monthly expenses in retirement.  They are a …

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Tips for Buying Annuities from Money Magazine

Walter Updegrave, editor of Money magazine, recently wrote about the conventional wisdom of annuities being a safer investment and wondered if that is still true today. He believes that an annuity continues to be a good option, but that you need to keep several guidelines …

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