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Variable Annuity Fee Changes: Some Increase, Others Decrease

Interest rates affect insurance companies just as they affect consumers looking to purchase financial products.  Depending on the time in which an annuity was purchased, guarantees may have been better or worse.  They also can cost more for the same guarantee that was available in …

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Using an Immediate Annuity for Retirement: 4 Different Ways

As we are always stressing here at Annuity FYI, there are both good annuities and bad annuities.  In Steve Vernon’s article for CBS News’ Moneywatch, “The best way to buy annuities for retirement,” he says that annuities hold an important place in your retirement planning …

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Top 10 Bank Holding Companies in Annuity Fee Income

The Insurance and Financial Advisor’s Bob Graham has reported on the recent results of the Michael White-Symetra Bank Holding Company Fee Income Report. The findings apply to the first three quarters of 2008, and the top 10 bank holding companies (in terms of annuity and …

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