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Variable Annuity Fee Changes: Some Increase, Others Decrease

Interest rates affect insurance companies just as they affect consumers looking to purchase financial products.  Depending on the time in which an annuity was purchased, guarantees may have been better or worse.  They also can cost more for the same guarantee that was available in …

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Retirement One of Many Concerns for Workforce

The big talk lately about working in America has been unemployment and the problems stemming from this epidemic.  But there are other problems regarding work that Americans are dealing with, according to USA Today.  In “6 challenges affecting the American worker,” four Detroit Free Press …

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Annuities Alleviate Pre-Retirees #1 Worry

Allianz Life recently found that the majority of Americans are searching for guaranteed income in retirement, but don’t know how to find it.  According to a company press release, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America conducted a survey showing that 86% of non-retired Americans …

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