Add A Variable Annuity With A GMWB To Your Retirement Plan

Variable annuity products are often maligned in the financial world, but they can serve an important purpose in retirement planning for many Americans. In a recent article for The Woonsocket Call, "Building a sound retirement income plan," Chris Boules explains how variable annuities can help you account for the biggest risks you face in retirement. Volatile markets and an economy with relatively low interest rates in the recent past have many people worried about their future retirement funds.... Read More

The Decline of the Variable Annuity

Last week, we wrote about the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute sales results showing the strength of fixed annuities. Higher fixed annuity sales last year and to start this year came at the expense of variable annuity sales. Investment News' Greg Iacurci wrote about the decline of the variable annuity in the article "Variable annuity sales drop to lowest level in 15 years: LIMRA." There were two main contributors to this variable annuity decline, volatile markets and the impending DOL... Read More

No-Load Annuity Products Are A Winner After the DOL Rule

There are certainly winners and losers when it comes to the DOL Fiduciary Rule. Although it won't take effect until the beginning of 2018, companies and advisors are working hard so that they comply with the BICE guidelines before the legalities take place. In an article for Forbes Magazine, John Wasik listed his "Four Biggest Winners Under (the) New DOL Rule." With the new guidelines in place, retirement advisors will have to put their clients' best interest at the forefront of any financial... Read More

Longevity Annuities Help Solve for Longevity and Market Risks

Market volatility has been brutal to many Americans' savings and retirement planning. Interest rates have been low for a long time and the market hasn't exactly been stable so far this year. These things are making many people question the stability of their retirement. According to Anna Robaton's CNBC article "Volatility driving retirees to think longevity annuity," many retirees are solving this retirement planning crisis by purchasing an annuity. Annuities are contracts with insurance... Read More

Whether It’s Lottery Winnings or Retirement Savings, An Annuity Can Guarantee Your Income

Without even realizing it, many people actually stand in line for annuities on a daily or weekly basis. We learned a few weeks ago with the soaring popularity of the lottery just how many people are searching for a lifetime free of financial worry. Annuities can provide just that and actually already do for some people who don't even know they have one. Social Security is an inflation-adjusted lifetime annuity that most everyone takes advantage of. Annuity payouts from the lottery are another... Read More

Annuities Help With Two Major Retirement Concerns

One of the top retirement concerns right now is running out of money during your retirement. Purchasing an annuity product with some of your retirement savings can help ensure that those savings last for as long as you live. Annuities can also protect against another concern, declining cognitive ability in old age. The Motley Fool's Selena Maranjian recently wrote the article "Don't Want to Go Broke in Retirement? Annuities Can Help" about the benefits of using annuities in retirement income... Read More

Innovation is Key for Annuity Industry

Innovation is the key word in the annuity industry right now. Some carriers are early to the game, while others still have some catching up to do. In LifeHealthPro's "These are the top 5 trends shaping the annuity market," Gerry Murtagh discussed in depth what is happening now and what 2016 will bring for annuities. The main factors shaping the current market are our increasing longevity, persistent low interest rates, an aging Baby Boomer population, market volatility and the DOL's proposed... Read More

Don’t Believe Fixed Indexed Annuity Myths Without Some Research

Fixed indexed annuities are a hot button topic in the media and insurance industry. Some people love them, some people hate them. There is a lot of information out there about indexed annuity products, but unfortunately some of it is biased. It's important to consider the source when you are researching fixed indexed annuities. Make sure that they are unbiased and truthful with their information. Even some reputable news sources like The Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine offer one-sided... Read More

Read This Before Making a 1035 Annuity Exchange

There are many reasons for people to want to exchange their annuity product for another. Big changes in your life or financial situation might warrant an annuity exchange. In the Marketwatch article, "Five tips for when you want to exchange your annuity," Andrew Murdoch of Somerset Wealth Strategies and Annuity FYI tells you what to consider before making this big financial decision. A 1035 annuity exchange allows you a tax-free exchange from one annuity product into another. Many people who... Read More

Consumer Reports: An Annuity Can Help You Afford to Live to 100

The current reality is that many Americans are living to age 100 and beyond. Financially, living a long life can cause some hardships on individuals and families. Consumer Reports offers five tips to help ensure that you do not run out of money in retirement. Their article, "Can you afford to live to 100? 5 ways to start planning for financial longevity now," says that it's important to plan for a long life, especially if your parents lived a long time. Even if your parents died younger, if you... Read More - Prefooter


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