Variable Annuity Products Will Remain In Demand

Cogent research recently released study results in their Advisor Brandscape 2012 report.  They polled close to 2,000 financial advisors, all of whom maintain assets under management of at least $5 million.  This information comes from Financial Advisor magazine's "Variable Annuity Demand To Stay Strong, Says Survey."  Even though there has been volatility in the variable annuities marketplace, the advisors don't anticipate any drop in demand.  They plan to continue strong sales of variable... Read More

Variable Annuity Changes from MetLife, Prudential, Hartford

Three life insurance companies are changing their variable annuities in the wake of some tumult in the industry.  MetLife, Prudential, and the Hartford are either updating products or scaling down on variable annuity business, according to Darla Mercado of Investment News.  In her article, "VA changes at major insurers are afoot, executives say," Mercado summarized the changes we can soon expect.MetLife's net income increased by $1.07 billion from last year, to $2.26 billion.  Sales of... Read More

Volatility Managed with New Variable Annuity Tactics

Many big name insurance companies are changing their strategies for managing volatility, according to Investment News's Darla Mercado.  Unfortunately, the financial advisors with which they work don't have a good understanding of the new strategies or exactly why they are being used.  In the article, "New VA strategies confusing to advisors," Mercado says that many advisors are complaining that they don't know enough about these new variable annuity strategies to use them, let alone explain... Read More

Jackson National Gets Best Variable Annuity Reviews

***UPDATE: For the latest top-rate, low cost variable annuities, click here.***According to Investment News' Darla Mercado, financial advisors are more loyal to Jackson National Life Insurance Co.'s variable annuity products than to any other company.  In the article, "Advisers most loyal to this VA provider," we learn that Jackson National had the best variable annuity reviews followed by Prudential Financial Inc.  Jackson moved up from second place last year to throw Prudential out of... Read More

New Annuity Rider From Transamerica

The Retirement Income Max rider is now available for purchase with Transamerica's variable annuities.  According to Insurance News Net's "Transamerica Broadens Suite of Retirement Income Solutions with Retirement Income Max," the rider is meant to help investors make the most of their retirement.  This living benefit rider will cost more for annuity investors, but should help maximize their retirement income.  Transamerica Capital's Chief Sales Officer says that the rider looks to meet the... Read More

Ohio National's Variable Annuities Better Than the Competition

According to "Taking off the glitz," Darla Mercado of Investment News says that variable annuities are losing some of the benefits that made them so popular in the first place.  Many living benefit features were added and made more attractive last year in order to draw investors into variable annuities.  But since low interest rates make it more expensive for insurance companies to offer benefits like lifetime withdrawal benefit guarantees, some of the top sellers of variable annuities are... Read More

Principium II Variable Annuity

Advisor One's Moshe A. Milevsky sings the praises of Transamerica's Principium II variable annuity in the article "Transamerica Principium II." The annuity is rated an 8 out of 10 stars because investors have choices regarding their insurance and investment options and their cost is based on those choices.  The author believes that Transamerica is one of the few companies offering true guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits (GLWB) that truly protect against longevity risk, inflation, and... Read More

Principium II Variable Annuity from Transamerica

Just over a year ago Transamerica Life Insurance Company introduced the Prinicipium II variable annuity product, according to an August 25 company press release entitled "Transamerica's Principium II Variable Annuity Continues to Gain Market Share."  The product is marketed as a lower-cost variable annuity that has ETF-based sub-accounts, is easy to understand, and offers optional benefits in line with Transamerica's other products.  Transamerica believes itself to be one of the first... Read More

Fixed Annuity 2nd Quarter Results

Fixed annuity sales in the United States were $27.8 billion in the second quarter of 2009, according to a press release from Beacon Research.  While the sales were a 20% decrease from the first quarter, they were 10% higher than the second quarter in 2008.  From the highest sales to the lowest, the annuity products sold were book value, indexed, market value adjusted, and fixed income.  All but one type were an increase from the second quarter in 2008.  Indexed and income annuities were up... Read More

Fixed Annuity Sales Results

According to a press release by Beacon Research, fixed annuity sales estimates in the U.S. for the first quarter of this year were $34.9 billion.  The Fixed Annuity Premium Study comprised of data from 53 insurance companies, which account for about 86% of this market.  This sales number was not only the highest since 2003 when the study was first completed, but was also 78% higher than the same quarter last year.The four types of annuities assessed ranked in sales high to low starting... Read More - Prefooter


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