Longevity Annuities Can Protect Your Future Retired Self

A lot of factors should go into whether or not you buy a longevity annuity to ensure that you never run out of money in retirement.  The first things to consider should be your health and your family history.  If you are healthy in early retirement and many people in your family have lived past age 85, a longevity annuity might be a good purchase to ensure your financial future.  Of course, this certainly doesn't mean that you will live to be 95 or 100, but you will be able to maintain your... Read More

Six Recommended Deferred Income Annuities

UPDATED 8/31/2013Deferred income annuities have been selling in record numbers this year.  Bank Investment Consultant's Margarida Correia tells us why in "Deferred Income Annuities Gain Traction, Following Rebirth."  The products were called advanced life deferred annuities when first introduced, but did not take off in the marketplace.  After a few changes recently, an IRI report predicts that DIAs will be have the fastest growth in sales of any annuity product.  Old products had... Read More

Deferred Income Annuity, aka Longevity Insurance

Deferred income annuities, or longevity insurance, are being introduced by more and more mutual insurance companies.  These annuities are becoming increasingly popular due in part to the the low interest rate environment and a volatile stock market.  Investment News' Darla Mercado talks about why mutual funds are selling more deferred income annuities in "Mutual insurers ramp up development of deferred-income annuities."  This so-called longevity insurance basically means that you purchase... Read More

New Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity From Symetra Builds 2nd Quarter Figures

According to Symetra's press release, "Symetra Financial Reports Second Quarter 2011 Results," the company had a significant year over year quarterly increase.  Their second quarter net income of $59.4 million was a large increase over the second quarter of 2010's $35.8 million.  Their adjusted operating income of $49.8 million was also an increase over last year's $41.5 million adjusted operating income.  Group loss ratio increased in both the first and second quarter of this year.  The... Read More

Variable Annuity Product Development from Symetra

Some new registered annuities are being developed by Symetra Life Insurance, according to IBR's "Symetra to develop registered annuities products."  Kevin Knull is their new senior vice president of registered investments.  He was hired to help Symetra expand their portfolio of annuities.  Their first focus is the development of variable annuity products with lower costs.  There is a demand for variable annuities that cost less because they don't have the living benefit rider guarantees... Read More

Indexed Annuity Linked to Commodities

Symetra Financial and Legacy Marketing Group are both offering commodities with their indexed annuity products now, according to Insurance News Net's Linda Koco.  In "Commodities Debut in Indexed Annuities," we learn about the Symetra Edge Pro, which offers the S&P GSCI commodity index as well as strategies tied to the S&P 500.  You can choose between point-to-point or monthly average crediting strategies.  Twenty-four commodities in many different sectors make up the S&P GSCI,... Read More

Fixed Annuities Help Symetra's Strong 1st Quarter

From a company press release, Symetra Financial showed strong first quarter 2010 results.  Their net income increased to $46.3 million from $5.1 million in the first quarter of last year.  With an increase of 30% in their adjusted operating income over last year, Symetra went from $32.2 million to $41.9 million.  They are pleased with the sales in all of their distribution channels because total sales increased after a slight decrease at the end of 2009.Their Retirement Services segment... Read More

Annuities Part of Five Step Retirement Plan

Symetra Financial's press release "Five Steps to Retiring On Time" lists annuities as an important tool for retirement success.  A recent survey conducted by Symetra and two partners showed that nearly half of pre-retirees (45 and older) have not determined how much income they will need to take them through the rest of their lives.  Well over half of the pre-retirees didn't think that they would be able to retire at their ideal retirement age.  With this information, Symetra has issued five... Read More

Annuity Options Upgraded for Your Benefit

Symetra Life Insurance Company is the latest provider of annuities to upgrade its options, according to "Symetra enhances its Freedom Income Annuity offering" on IFA web news.  With the Freedom Income Annuity offering, purchasers previously had to start their payments at age 70 when using tax-deferred money.  You are now able to use either qualified or non-qualified money and choose the age at which your payments will begin.  Purchasers can start payments up to the age of 94.  Like other... Read More

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