Income Annuities Are Important Right Now

In a recent Investors Business Daily article, Margaret Price asks "Is The Time Right For Income Annuities?"  The time is usually right for income annuities because there not many ways to guarantee a lifetime income stream.  The article offers the example of a retired insurance company worker who bought an income annuity at retirement many years ago.  He knew the guarantees that he would receive and how important it was to ensure that his income would last as long he lives.  He has been... Read More

Payout Annuity Yield from CANNEX Creates An Industry Benchmark

There are a lot of benchmarks to measure yields in the financial industry.  There are indexes for stocks, bonds and even real estate, but there was not an index to measure the annuity industry.  CANNEX recently introduced the PAY (Payout Annuity Yield) index so that the income annuity industry would have a benchmark.  Benchmarks help to determine the strength of the industry and give consumers and insurance companies a comparison for their own products.  CANNEX's PAY Index determines the... Read More

4 of the Top 5 Fixed Annuity Sellers are Indexed

Last year was the first time ever that all types of fixed annuities had year-over-year annuity sales increases.  Records were shattered all around, which was surprising to some as interest rates remained low.  In the article "Fixed Annuities Continue Strong Sales Pace in 2013, Best Year Since 2009," Beacon Research's Lisa Plotnick summarized the research firm's Fixed Annuity Premium Study.  Income and indexed annuities blew old sales records out of the water with their sales results in... Read More

The New York Times Says Annuities Have A Place In Financial Plans

The New York Times says that "Annuities (are) not for everyone, but they have a place."  In Conrad De Aenlle's article, he says that basic annuities are a wonderful tool to use in financial planning.  Annuities in their most basic form, single-premium immediate annuities, help guarantee lifetime income during your retirement years.  Inevitably, products change and innovators come up with new ideas in trying to make things better.  From the simple SPIA, annuities branched out to include... Read More

SPIAs & DIAs Are Good Lifetime Income Strategies, According to USA Today

In an excellent special article for USA Today, Robert Powell gives us the best "Ways to avoid outliving your income."  Since we don't know when we will die, retirement finance planning is tricky.  We have to plan for our life expectancy and the life expectancy of our spouse for those who are married.  Important planning has to be done so that we can manage longevity risk and maintain our lifestyle as long as we live.  In addition to planning for our income needs, we also need to plan for... Read More

SPIAs: The Simple Way to Create Retirement Income

There are a lot of different types of annuities.  A single-premium immediate annuity is the simplest form of these income products.  In "Income for life - the old fashioned way," Anthony Petsis of The Intelligencer says that while SPIAs might seem boring and outdated to some, there is a reason that they have been around for so long.  The author broke down the wording of a SPIA to make the products even easier to understand.  Single-premium means that you pay a one time amount to an... Read More - Prefooter


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