Medicaid SPIAs Shelter Savings for Middle Class Couples

Single premium immediate annuity (SPIA) products help shield money for one spouse when the the other has to enter a nursing home for care.  According to Financial Advisor Magazine's "Sales of Nursing Home Annuities Soar", Maureen Nevin Duffy says that these annuities are right for middle income clients.  When one spouse has to enter a long term care facility and the couple does not have long term care insurance, the other spouse will quickly spend down all of their money to pay for this care... Read More

Seek Unbiased Annuity Information Before Making A Decision

Sometimes it can be difficult for annuity advocates to spread the truth about annuities.  There are biased opinions both for and against annuities floating out there, so it's important to look for advice that simply states the facts about these financial products.  In The Florida Sun Sentinel, Roy Daniel Rosner tells you "How to get the truth about annuities."  He is a financial expert who neither sells annuities nor profits from the sale of annuities, so he has an unbiased perspective about... Read More

Which Annuity Product is More Efficient? A SPIA or a DIA?

Morningstar recently published a video on their website comparing the pros and cons of single premium immediate annuities and deferred income annuities.  Neither annuity product is "better" than the other, but each has their benefits and drawbacks for an individual retirement plan.  Christine Benz interviewed Morningstar's head of retirement research, David Blanchett, for the article "Pros and Cons of 2 Key Annuity Types."  Mr. Benz recently conducted research on both annuity types to... Read More

Prudential Introduces Three New Annuity Products

Prudential Annuities has released some new annuity products over the past year and a half.  Each product offers benefits geared towards a specific group of people.  All of the products were designed as alternative ways to save and provide income instead of traditional savings and CDs.  Their newest variable annuity, Prudential Premier Investment, is an investment only product made for investors who are looking for tax protection.  In the Main Street article, "Innovative Variable Annuity... Read More

Predictions for the Future of the Annuity Industry

The annuity industry is evolving as our needs and the economic climate both change.  Some of the things about annuity products that people most often dislike are actually falling by the wayside.  Those annuity benefits that everyone desires are becoming easier to obtain.  In Stan Haithcock's Marketwatch article, "Hate annuities? 7 reasons you might change your mind," he says that the industry is changing for the betterment of consumers.  Each year, there are more $200 billion worth of... Read More

Most Annuity Products Had Double Digit Sales Increases in the 2nd Quarter

LIMRA's Secure Retirement Institute recently released annuity sales data from the second quarter and entire first half of this year.  According to Insurance News Net's "Total Annuity Sales Improve 8% In 2Q," the annuity industry is in a good place and is likely to continue on that path for the rest of the year.  The 8% increase in total annuity sales from the second quarter of 2013 to the second quarter of 2014 is great news for the industry.  Total annuity sales were $61.4 billion in the... Read More

Fixed Annuity Guarantees Lead To Large Sales Increases This Year

LIMRA's Secure Retirement Institute recently released sales figures for the second quarter of this year.  Fixed annuities are on fire based on the sales numbers for the second quarter and entire first half of the year.  In Linda Koco's Insurance News Net article, "Why Fixed Annuities Are Smokin' Hot," she discusses the reasons that fixed annuities are selling well.  Fixed annuity sales increased 34% from the second quarter of 2013 to the second quarter of 2014, to a total of $25.2 billion. ... Read More

Is a Single Premium Immediate Annuity or a Deferred Income Annuity Best?

Think Advisor's Gil Weinreich recently researched whether single premium immediate annuities or deferred income annuities are better.  In "Which Annuity Is Optimal? SPIAs vs. DIAs," he looked at Morningstar study results that were published in the Journal of Financial Planning.  SPIAs have been popular for a long time because they offer a higher return and income guarantees that you don't see with many other annuity products.  DIAs are a much newer product, but seem poised to overtake the... Read More

Annuity Ruling Could Change the Industry

Marketwatch's Stan Haithcock says that July 1 was "The day annuities changed forever," in a recent article.  That is the day that the Treasury Department and the IRS changed their rules to allow for the use of Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts in 401k plans and IRAs.  I've blogged about this ruling before because of its importance to the industry.  Mr. Haithcock doesn't think that the annuity industry has quite grasped the importance of this ruling yet.  But his article tells us why it... Read More

Use an Annuity to Leave Death Benefits to Your Heirs

When you are looking for a policy that will leave money to your heirs, life insurance is typically the best way to do that.  But there are some people who cannot qualify for life insurance policies because of the underwriting requirements.  Others have their own reasons for not wanting to purchase a life insurance plan.  If you are one of those people, you can use annuities to leave money to your heirs.  There are two ways to do this: through death benefits or an inherited income stream. ... Read More - Prefooter


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