Make Sure Your Annuity Benefits Are Guaranteed

Annuities are purchased for many reasons, the most common of which should be the guarantees they offer.  Stan "The Annuity Man" Haithcock believes that guarantees should be the only reason that you purchase an annuity product. In his Marketwatch article, "The only two annuity questions that matter," he says to make sure that you have contractual guarantees with your annuity products. There are a lot of different promises made in annuity advertisements. Unfortunately, some of those promises are... Read More

An Annuity Can Create A Retirement Income Salary Now or Later

Stan The Annuity Man Haithcock often shares interesting facts about the origins of annuities. In one of his latest Marketwatch articles, "The best way to get your 'salt money' after retiring," he shared the origin of the word 'salary'. Just like the Ancient Romans introduced the first annuity products, they also first used the word salary, or in Latin 'salarium'. It literally means "salt money" because Roman soldiers were partially paid in salt, a necessary product to help preserve food before... Read More

Interest Rate Increases Affect Annuity Products Differently

The annuity industry has been watching the movement of interest rates closely and expecting them to rise for years. Annuity pricing improves as interest rates increase, but it can be difficult for insurance companies to time their annuity strategies. It's also difficult to time your annuity purchases based upon interest rates. A lot of people are claiming that rates have to increase soon. But in the Marketwatch article, "The interest-rate struggle with annuities," Stan Haithcock points out that... Read More

How A Single Premium Immediate Annuity Can Complete Your Retirement Income Plan

In an article for Time’s Money Magazine, Darrow Kirkpatrick explained “Why the Right Kind of Annuity Product Can Boost Your Retirement Income.” 1 He says that having income that is guaranteed, inflation-adjusted and lasts for your lifetime is the ultimate retirement goal. Social Security provides that type of income, but it doesn’t pay enough to meet complete income needs. Although a handful of Americans have a pension, the majority have to create income elsewhere to pay for their fixed... Read More

Single Premium Immediate Annuities Remain Relevant

Out of the $250 billion in annuity products sold each year, single premium immediate annuities only account for around 10% of them.1 This information comes from Stan Haithcock’s Marketwatch article, “Why immediate annuities still matter.” Since immediate annuities may not be perceived to be as flashy as some of the newer annuity product options, they can often be overlooked in retirement income planning. Mr. Haithcock says that when it comes to annuities, some of the tried and true... Read More

Charitable Gift Annuities Offer Guaranteed Income, Philanthropy

"Charitable gift annuities are the gifts that keep on giving," according to Stan Haithcock in an article for Marketwatch.(1) Gift annuities are much like the typical annuity product that a person may be familiar with. They work in a similar way to single premium immediate annuities (SPIA) and deferred income annuities (DIA) because they can pay you a guaranteed lifetime income stream.* Depending on the annuity, you can choose to start your income immediately or defer it to a certain date in the... Read More

Ladder Annuities for Yield or Income

Many experts recommend laddering annuity purchases in the same way that people ladder CD and bond purchases.  This allows you to stagger the maturity dates and take advantage of potential interest rate increases.  It's unknown what will happen with interest rates in the near or far future, so laddering can be an effective strategy to account for potential and likely changes.  Stan "The Annuity Man" Haithcock wrote about "Annuity Laddering" for's Money section.  When you ladder CDs... Read More

Expert Says Confirmation Bias Makes People Hate Annuities

Psychology and annuities have a much stronger connection than many people realize.  In Stan Haithcock's recent Marketwatch article, he tries to determine "Why we hate annuities."  Everyone doesn't hate annuities, of course, seeing that more than $250 billion in annuities are sold annually.  But those that do hate annuities seem to have confirmation bias against the products.  Confirmation bias is when you like information that supports your beliefs in something.  Oftentimes, you seek out... Read More

Income Annuities Help Eliminate Sequence of Returns Risk

A lot of Americans face the possibility of having to fund a retirement that lasts thirty years.  It can be difficult without a pension and with a Social Security system being pushed to capacity.  But it is possible to save enough money and make sure that money lasts for as long as you live.  U.S. News & World Report told us "How Retirees Can Build a Portfolio for the Next 30 Years" in an article by Kate Stalter.  There are two things you have to focus on to make this happen.  You need... Read More

Many Reasons for the Increasing Use of Deferred Income Annuities

We've talked before in this blog about the increasing popularity of deferred income annuity products.  Since 2011, their sales have increased from $211 million to around $2.8 billion last year.  The increasing sales of deferred income annuities have come partly from a decrease in variable annuity sales.  Investment News' Darla Mercado discussed the changing retirement income plan landscape in her article "Deferred-income annuities grab spotlight from traditional variable annuities."  DIAs... Read More - Prefooter


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