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Phoenix Collaborates for Equity Indexed Annuities

According to In urance New Net' article "Phoenix Co Form Alliance for Indexed Annuitie , Continue to Seek New Di tribution Channel ," the Connecticut ba ed company i looking to ell their product through many new channel   They are now collaborating with AltiSure Group, an annuity company that al o de ign and di tribute life in urance ... Read More

Restored Interest in Variable Annuities

According to California' Daily Breeze article "MONEYWISE: Looking into the renewed intere t in inve ting in annuitie ," Stephanie Enright ay that the government' intere t in promoting annuitie ha parked an increa ed intere t from inve tor   Annuitie are mo t often i ued by in urance companie and grow over time with the expectation that... Read More

U.S. Annuity Sector Now 'Stable'

AM Be t Co changed the US life in urance and annuity ector rating to ' table' from 'negative'  Thi information come from the In urance and Financial Advi or article "AM Be t upgrade life/annuity ector' outlook to ' table'," by Bob Graham  In AM Be t Co' opinion, the indu try ha ufficient capitalization to operate and even deal with... Read More

Fixed Annuity Sales Boost Ratings

According to a company pre relea e, Kan a City Life In urance Company i table and remain trong  In "AM Be t Affirm Rating of Kan a City Life In urance Company and It Sub idiarie ," their financial trength rating of A (Excellent) and their i uer credit rating of "a" were affirmed  Kan a City Life In urance Company' ub idiary,... Read More

Ohio National's Best Annuities Get An A+

Ohio National will keep it 'A+ Superior' rating from AM Be t, according to an Ohio National Financial Service new relea e  The rating i ba ed on the trength of their balance heet, their bu ine profile, and their operating performance  Thi i the econd to highe t rating on AM Be t' 16-part cale  Not only did Ohio National receive... Read More

Nationwide's Best Annuities Help Affirm Ratings

In a pre relea e from AM Be t Company, they affirmed Nationwide' financial trength rating of A+ and aa-  In "AM Be t Affirm Rating of Nationwide Financial Service , Inc and It ub idiarie ; Outlook Negative," the rating are ummarized  Nationwide Financial Service , Inc, owned by Nationwide Mutual In urance Company and Nationwide Mutual... Read More

For Annuities: Choose Your Insurance Company Wisely

It i crucial to choo e in urance companie wi ely when purcha ing annuitie   Your annuity i only a ound a the in urance company that i backing it up  Sometime it can be beneficial to plit your money into annuitie at different in urance companie for even more ecurity  Kathy Kri toff of the LA Time further explained in "Check out... Read More

Annuities Safe with Fidelity Insurance

Fidelity Inve tment Life In urance Company and it ub idiary, Empire Fidelity Inve tment Life In urance Company have maintained their A+ financial trength rating with AM Be t  Thi information i from a pre relea e by AM Be t  The uperior trength rating and good i uer credit rating are great new and mean that the company ha continued... Read More

Annuity Sales Rise for Jackson Insurance

Jack on National Life In urance Company ha fixed annuitie to thank for it' increa ing ale in the fir t quarter of 2009  While ale of their variable annuitie were down compared to la t year, ale of traditional fixed annuitie almo t doubled from the ame period la t year  And their fixed index annuity ale increa ed by 83% from fir t... Read More

A.M. Best Downgrades Nationwide Rating

A recent pre relea e by AM Be t announce that they have revi ed their rating of Nationwide Financial Service to negative Nationwide' rating had been table AM Be t ay that the downgrade are i largely due to the fact that the firm' financial performance i heavily ba ed on the equity market It product include variable annuitie and... Read More

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