Retirees Face the Scariest Stock Market Since the 1930s

One step adventuresome folks might take, even if it involves selling stock positions at a loss, is looking into a structured variable (buffered) annuity. Buffered annuities are roughly similar to fixed indexed annuities with one notable exception – they pay markedly higher index participation rates and in return require investors to absorb a portion – but by no means all – of a decline in the stock market. If you’re reading this, you own an annuity or annuities or you... Read More

Product Review: | AXA Structured Capital Strategies PLUS

"This product offers more upside potential than FIAs with only limited downside risk," says one annuity watcher familiar with the product. "If you do not need 100% downside protection, you could get much more upside potential with this product."If you are interested in this product, please call 1-866-223-2121 or complete the form below.By and large, annuity owners are a conservative lot. So it can be hard to please would-be buyers thinking about an annuity product with equity... Read More

Product Review: | Atlantic Coast Life Safe Haven

The Atlantic Coast Life Safe Haven's payout rate (up to 4.19%) is the best available. Guaranteed, short terms, no fees. The bottom line is this: Interest rates that have been pretty good are now very good. Assuming that they will not be trimmed by insurance companies, Atlantic Coast Life MYGAs, and others paying highly competitive rates today, are extremely attractive. ***Update: The rate for the Atlantic Coast Life Safe Haven 7 year is 4.19%*** A compelling... Read More

Product Review: | Fidelity & Guaranty Safe Income Plus 10

F&G’s payout rate is a whopping 12.47% – more than the average annual gains of the S&P 500, including dividend reinvestment. Remember that this income payout is guaranteed, so payments continue until death, regardless of whether the annuity’s principal is exhausted. For Income-Oriented Investors, Select FIAs Offer Substantial Guaranteed PayoutsEach year, fixed income annuities (FIAs) become increasingly popular, and one huge reason is that they provide exposure to... Read More

Product Review:
Athene Agility 7 & Athene Protector 5

Athene Agility 7 and Athene Protector 5 offer generous investment terms and at least one above-average benefit in addition to a truncated surrender period. Good news for prospective annuity buyers, especially amid recent signs that the economy is slowing markedly and could begin acting turbulent as the year winds on.Two Athene fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) - Athene Agility 7 and Athene Protector 5 - have caught our attention. Both have abbreviated surrender schedules of... Read More

Product Review: | Pacific Life Index Edge 5 Fixed Indexed Annuity & | Pacific Life Index Dimensions 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity

Pacific Life offers a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) with an attractive and rare surrender period of only five years and another FIA that offers more generous terms in an otherwise standard product with a typical 10-year surrender period. Many FIAs are more compelling than a plain vanilla fixed annuity. This makes some Pacific Life FIAs even more so. While people are shopping for an annuity, they typically learn the financial ratings of the insurance company behind the products... Read More - Prefooter


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