Fixed Annuity Industry’s Biggest Challenge is Misperception

The National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) held a contest last month celebrating their 15th anniversary.  They asked members to answer two crucial questions regarding the fixed annuity industry.  It was a contest to encourage more responses from their members, whose time is valuable.  In NAFA Member Insights on Industry Challenges & Solutions, Kim O'Brien gives the questions and the winning member responses.  NAFA members represent more than 85% of the independent fixed annuity... Read More

The Good and Bad of the Annuity Business in 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, it's a good time to evaluate what you've done over the year and see what changes you'd like to make for 2014.  This is true for annuities too.  Stan Haithcock evaluated annuities right before Christmas for his Marketwatch article, "Have annuities been naughty or nice this year?"  Mr. Haithcock definitely has a way with words and wrote an interesting piece, which included Santa pondering whether annuity carriers would be getting presents or coal in their stockings at... Read More

DIA’s Are Best New Retirement Tool, According to CNN Money

CNN Money has been making "best of" lists for awhile now.  One of their latest lists, "Best New Investment Ideas," lists the deferred income annuity right at the top.  They also mention a few other great investment ideas, but let's start off with the annuity.  In the category of "Best new retirement tool....that you might be using wrong", the authors voted for the newly popular deferred income annuity.  Sales of this product will top $2 billion this year, a giant leap from last year's... Read More

Many People Regret Not Purchasing Annuities Sooner

Peter Klein makes "The Case for Annuities" in a recent article for LifeHealthPro.  He says that many of his clients regret not purchasing annuities sooner in their retirement, especially after losing so much money in 2008.  They wish they had kept a portion of their retirement savings in an annuity and used that as fuel for their retirement plan.  The author compares running out of money while you are still alive and having to rely on somewhat piddly Social Security payments to running low... Read More

The Only Way to Guarantee Lifetime Income Payments, Now or Later

In Kimberly Lankford's Kiplinger article, "Add an Annuity to Your Retirement-Income Mix," she says it best with the line "only an annuity guarantees that your income will continue no matter how long you live."  This is important information that should not be overlooked during retirement planning.  The most basic way to determine how much of your retirement savings you should spend on an annuity is to first add up all of your monthly living expenses.  Mortgage or rent, health care costs,... Read More

Longevity Annuities Can Protect Your Future Retired Self

A lot of factors should go into whether or not you buy a longevity annuity to ensure that you never run out of money in retirement.  The first things to consider should be your health and your family history.  If you are healthy in early retirement and many people in your family have lived past age 85, a longevity annuity might be a good purchase to ensure your financial future.  Of course, this certainly doesn't mean that you will live to be 95 or 100, but you will be able to maintain your... Read More - Prefooter

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