UPDATE: Lincoln Financial Streamlines Annuity Applications

A year or so ago, I wrote about how 82,000 additional advisors were starting to sell Lincoln Financial's annuities.  With the FireLight technology from Insurance Technologies, Lincoln Financial has made it much easier for their advisors to complete annuity applications.  Check out my updated blog here to learn about the process and how it is helping advisors.Written by Rachel SummitFollow Rachel, aka Finance Mama, on Twitter... Read More

Entering Annuity Market Now With A Clean Slate

Although there have been some large insurance carriers leaving the annuity market recently, those who remain think that annuities are going to remain important vehicles for guaranteeing lifetime income.  The Financial Planning article by Katie Kuehner-Hebert asks "Is There Enough Capacity in Annuities?"  There are definitely challenges because of low interest rates, volatile markets, and capital constraints. This makes it imperative for companies selling annuities to be careful with their... Read More

Advisory Variable Annuity From Wells Fargo

Four insurance companies will be offering the new Advisory Variable Annuity from Wells Fargo.  According to a MarketWatch press release, Allianz Life, Lincoln Financial, Nationwide, and Pacific Life are all going to distribute Wells Fargo Advisors' newest product.  The Advisory Variable Annuity is part of their Asset Advisor Program, which is fee-based.  Wells Fargo says that the introduction of this product will give advisors a more efficient way to offer their clients variable annuities'... Read More

Volatility Managed with New Variable Annuity Tactics

Many big name insurance companies are changing their strategies for managing volatility, according to Investment News's Darla Mercado.  Unfortunately, the financial advisors with which they work don't have a good understanding of the new strategies or exactly why they are being used.  In the article, "New VA strategies confusing to advisors," Mercado says that many advisors are complaining that they don't know enough about these new variable annuity strategies to use them, let alone explain... Read More

Promotions at 2 Top Annuity Companies

Two of the top annuity companies have announced key promotions this week.  This information comes from press releases on Market Watch.  Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America has a new senior vice president of Enterprise Operations.  Jasmine Jirele has been with Allianz for five years and will now be in charge of all operations and services.  This includes being in charge of Allianz's Policy Administration Solution project, which is a top initiative at the company.  Her other... Read More

Lincoln’s Fixed Indexed Annuities Sold By 82,000 More

UPDATE: JANUARY 25, 2013  The additional advisors selling Lincoln Financial's annuity products will have an easier road as "Lincoln Financial automates annuity applications."  According to Bank Investment Consultant's Donald Jay Korn, the FireLight technology that Lincoln is now offering its advisors will help to streamline and automate the processing of annuity applications.  This new platform can actually cut the annuity processing time in half for advisors, something that helps them get... Read More

Lincoln Has Big Increase in Fixed Equity Indexed Annuities

With the help of big sales increases for both variable annuities and fixed equity indexed annuities, Lincoln Financial Group earned $56 million more in the first quarter of this year compared with the first quarter of last year.  Henry Steelman's Annuity News Journal article, "Lincoln Financial Group Up 16 Percent From Last Year," said that Lincoln had $339 million in net income for a 16% increase in the first quarter.  Their CEO Dennis Glass said their increase was due to strong sales and... Read More

Top 20 Sellers of Total, Fixed, & Variable Annuities

LIMRA just released annuity sales results from the fourth quarter of 2010 and the total year results, according to Ruthie Ackerman's article in the Financial Times. "Who Were the Top 20 Annuity Writers in 2010?" summarizes the top sellers.  Total annuity sales were published along with totals for sales of variable annuities and fixed annuities.  Of the top 20, half of them had sales increases over the previous year.  The top three sellers of variable annuities reached sales records, while... Read More

Fixed Indexed Annuities Sold with Health Insurance

A new partnership between Lincoln Financial Group and Humana Inc. will make it easier for consumers to purchase fixed indexed annuities and long term care insurance.  According to Annuity News Journal's article "Humana Inc. Forms Partnership with Lincoln Financial," Henry Steelman writes that more than 2000 agents for Humana will be selling the financial products of Lincoln.  Humana Inc. is a health insurance company out of Kentucky, selling policies to consumers nationwide.  Lincoln... Read More

Lincoln's Variable Annuity Innovation

According to a press release from State Street Global Advisors, they will now be working closely with Lincoln Financial Group's variable life and annuity business.  In "State Street Global Advisors Expands Innovation within Lincoln Financial Group's Variable Life and Annuity Solutions," we learn that the investment management business will sub-advise Lincoln's variable investment options.  Lincoln's new Variable Insurance Product uses many exchange traded funds that are currently part of... Read More

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