Immediate Annuities Are Selling

Sales of immediate annuities and fixed indexed annuities increased in 2010, according to National Underwriter's Allison Bell.  The article "Annuity Data: Fixed Annuities; Variable Annuity Guaranteed Living Benefits" summarizes the information collected by Beacon Research Publications Inc.  Fixed annuity sales decreased 31% from 2009 to 2010, but were still $72 billion.  It doesn't necessarily mean that people are buying fewer annuities though.Many investors decided to purchase fixed... Read More

Top 20 Sellers of Total, Fixed, & Variable Annuities

LIMRA just released annuity sales results from the fourth quarter of 2010 and the total year results, according to Ruthie Ackerman's article in the Financial Times. "Who Were the Top 20 Annuity Writers in 2010?" summarizes the top sellers.  Total annuity sales were published along with totals for sales of variable annuities and fixed annuities.  Of the top 20, half of them had sales increases over the previous year.  The top three sellers of variable annuities reached sales records, while... Read More

Converting A 401k Annuity

Women around the age of 73 are most likely to purchase an immediate annuity, according to "Who's Buying Immediate Annuities and How to Get Their Business" by Danielle Andrus of Advisor One. LIMRA recently issued a report detailing the typical immediate annuity consumer and the direction they believe the immediate annuity marketplace will take over the coming years.  Women buy 60% of immediate annuities and are around age 73 when they make their purchases.  Women and men may choose to convert... Read More

Popular Variable Annuity Rider

The guaranteed living benefit rider for variable annuities has become increasingly popular, according to National Underwriter's "VAs with GLB Rider Rose 18% in 2Q."  Variable annuity products with the GLB accounted for $20.3 billion of new deferred sales during the second quarter of this year.  This was an 18% increase over first quarter sales.  It was the third quarter in a row that 87% of investors opted for the guaranteed living benefit rider when purchasing their variable annuity... Read More

Prudential & AIG Contribute to Variable Annuity Gains

Prudential Financial Inc. and American International Group Inc. contributed to the United States' largest variable annuity sales increase since 2007.  According to Bloomberg's "Variable-Annuity Sales Rise 11% as Prudential, AIG Post Gains" by Inyoung Hwang, the $35.5 billion in sales was an increase of 11% for the second quarter of this year.  Prudential sold $5.3 billion of variable annuities to capture the top spot in sales.  This was a huge increase from their $3.38 billion in sales... Read More

Variable Annuities Usually Have GLB Rider

In "Consumers' Interest in Guaranteed Living Benefits Remains Strong in 2009, LIMRA Reports" from Insurance News Net, LIMRA's 4th quarter findings are detailed.  When variable annuities offer the Guaranteed Living Benefit (GLB) rider, 84% of people elected to get the rider in the 4th quarter of 2009.  The four quarters prior to last, 89% of people elected for the GLBs.  The small decline is associated with a similar decline in the guaranteed living withdrawal benefit rider (GLWB), although... Read More - Prefooter

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