Variable Annuities Break Records in 1Q

The finalized first quarter annuity sales have just been released by the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI), as researched by Morningstar and Beacon Research firms.  According to Insurance News Net's "Variable Annuity Net Assets Reach All-Time High," variable annuity assets are now $1.61 trillion.  That is the highest they have ever been and an increase of 7.2% from the $1.50 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2011.  Variable annuity sales in the first quarter were down 2.6%, despite the... Read More

National Retirement Planning Week Ends Friday

Tomorrow is the last day for National Retirement Planning Week, an informative week run by the National Retirement Planning Coalition.  The Insured Retirement Institute leads this Coalition and works hard to show Americans that they can plan for a successful retirement despite all the difficulties in our current economy.  According to Exec Digital's "AXA Equitable Supports National Retirement Planning Week," AXA Equitable is also working hard this week to spread information and education... Read More

Advisors Recommend Variable Annuities More Than Ever

During the IRI Marketing Summit this week, the results of a recent study done by the IRI (Insured Retirement Institute) and AllianceBernstein were revealed.  Through reviews of variable annuity demand and interviews with financial advisors, the study determined that variable annuity demand has increased because of market uncertainty and fluctuation.  This information comes from a joint MarketWatch press release entitled "New AllianceBernstein & Insured Retirement Institute Survey Finds... Read More

Annuity Searches Far Surpass Actual Application Amounts

Income annuity database CANNEX tracks advisor searches of single premium income annuities, according to Linda Koco of Annuity News.  In the Insurance News Net article, "Advisors eyeball SPIAs valued at over $200,000," Koco questions why the amounts purchased are so much different than those researched.  On average, these immediate annuities have premiums around $100,000, even though the amount of advisors' searches was $231,000.  The yearly average maintained the quarterly averages, although... Read More

Annuities in IRI Retirement Quiz

The Insured Retirement Institute, or IRI, has an 11-question quiz on their website that tests retirement financing knowledge.  Julie Jason published these questions in The News-Times in her article "A Quiz to Fine-Tune Your Retirement Knowledge."  The IRI is focused on educating people about annuities through their nonprofit trade organization.  The facts from the quiz are summarized below.While 4% of the U.S. population was over the age of 65 in 1990, by 2050 20% of the population will... Read More

Despite Challenges, Annuity Outlook for 2012 Good

In "Outlook 2012: Annuities-Industry at Crossroads, With Weatherford, Greenwald, Cortazzo," John Sullivan of AdvisorOne says that annuities should do well next year despite some potential hurdles.  With two major annuity carriers departing the market recently, you would think that would forecast a big problem for annuities overall.  But that is just a product of some horrible market conditions and the need for annuities now is greater than ever.  Lifetime income guarantees are more important... Read More

Variable Annuity is a Hot Product

The Insured Retirement Institute found that variable annuities are as popular as ever, reaching record levels of sales in the 3rd quarter of this year.  Net variable annuity sales of $8.8 billion had not been reached since the 3rd quarter of 2007 saw $8.9 billion in sales.  With this quarter's $39 billion in total variable annuity sales, the industry is on track to reach $150 billion in annuity sales for the year.  This information comes from Advisor One's Danielle Andrus, in her article... Read More

More States Ensure Best Annuities for Consumers This Summer

Four more states and the District of Columbia will ensure that consumers are getting the best annuities by the end of this summer, according to Linda Koco of Insurance News Net.  In "More Annuity Suitability Rules Going into Effect This Summer," the Annuity News editor says that the newest states to adopt the NAIC's rules will be Rhode Island, Oregon, Ohio, North Dakota and Washington D.C.  The NAIC's Suitability of Annuity Transactions Model Regulation (NAIC 2010) has been a model for many... Read More

Fighting for Top Annuity Benefit

The Insured Retirement Institute and other insurance agencies are working hard to make sure that the government doesn't change the current annuity tax benefits.  Investment News' Mark Schoeff wrote about the potential changes in "Deferral denial? Annuity tax alteration would wound middle class."  As the federal government looks for ways to balance their budget and pay for recent spending, products with tax deferral benefits like annuities may just lose one of their top benefits.  The entire... Read More

Annuity Products Look Good to Retirees

More investors are showing interest in annuity products, according to Insurance Networking News' Bill Kenealy.  His article "Insurers Still Need To Convince Skeptical Retirees" summarizes survey results from the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI).  Life insurers still have to contend with an overall lack of trust for financial products and institutions in general after the past few years of market turmoil.  Even so, investors are not only interested in, but buying annuity products. ... Read More - Prefooter

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