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Deferred Income Annuity, aka Longevity Insurance

Deferred income annuitie , or longevity in urance, are being introduced by more and more mutual in urance companie   The e annuitie are becoming increa ingly popular due in part to the the low intere t rate environment and a volatile tock market  Inve tment New ' Darla Mercado talk about why mutual fund are elling more deferred income... Read More

New Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity From Symetra Builds 2nd Quarter Figures

According to Symetra' pre relea e, "Symetra Financial Report Second Quarter 2011 Re ult ," the company had a ignificant year over year quarterly increa e  Their econd quarter net income of $594 million wa a large increa e over the econd quarter of 2010' $358 million  Their adju ted operating income of $498 million wa al o an increa e... Read More

Variable Annuity Product Development from Symetra

Some new regi tered annuitie are being developed by Symetra Life In urance, according to IBR' "Symetra to develop regi tered annuitie product "  Kevin Knull i their new enior vice pre ident of regi tered inve tment   He wa hired to help Symetra expand their portfolio of annuitie   Their fir t focu i the development of variable annuity... Read More

Indexed Annuity Linked to Commodities

Symetra Financial and Legacy Marketing Group are both offering commoditie with their indexed annuity product now, according to In urance New Net' Linda Koco  In "Commoditie Debut in Indexed Annuitie ," we learn about the Symetra Edge Pro, which offer the S&P GSCI commodity index a well a trategie tied to the S&P 500  You can... Read More

Fixed Annuities Help Symetra's Strong 1st Quarter

From a company pre relea e, Symetra Financial howed trong fir t quarter 2010 re ult   Their net income increa ed to $463 million from $51 million in the fir t quarter of la t year  With an increa e of 30% in their adju ted operating income over la t year, Symetra went from $322 million to $419 million  They are plea ed with the ale in all... Read More

Annuities Part of Five Step Retirement Plan

Symetra Financial' pre relea e "Five Step to Retiring On Time" li t annuitie a an important tool for retirement ucce   A recent urvey conducted by Symetra and two partner howed that nearly half of pre-retiree (45 and older) have not determined how much income they will need to take them through the re t of their live   Well over... Read More

Annuity Options Upgraded for Your Benefit

Symetra Life In urance Company i the late t provider of annuitie to upgrade it option , according to "Symetra enhance it Freedom Income Annuity offering" on IFA web new   With the Freedom Income Annuity offering, purcha er previou ly had to tart their payment at age 70 when u ing tax-deferred money  You are now able to u e either... Read More

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