New Annuity Leader at Allianz Life

Allianz Life Insurance Company has a new senior vice president and national sales manager, according to press release "Allianz Life Promotes Bob Densmore to SVP - National Sales Manager."  Bob Densmore will be in charge of their annuity sales strategy in the bank, regional, independent, and wire broker/dealer distribution channels.  Allianz has been happy with his leadership skills as well as his revenue generating abilities.  They promoted him to capitalize on the popularity of annuity... Read More

Why Equity Indexed Annuities Are Popular

According to Matthew Sturdevant of The Hartford Courant, "Indexed Annuities (are) a Perfect Investment During (the) Recession."  His interview with Dana Pederson of Phoenix Cos. explains why equity indexed annuities are so important for investors and so popular right now.  An indexed annuity is almost like a hybid of a fixed annuity and a variable annuity.  Since your investment is linked to an equity index, you have the potential to earn money if there is a gain in your index.  But unlike... Read More

Fixed Indexed Annuities For Life

According to "Today's retirees remain focused on income for life" from NAPSI, fixed indexed annuities are becoming increasingly popular for their unique benefits.  Indexed annuities protect your principal investment like other annuity products and also give you guaranteed interest no matter what happens in the markets.  While the overall return may be lower than some other investments, many investors are willing to make that sacrifice in order to get the security offered by fixed indexed... Read More

Variable Annuities Boost Allianz Life

Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America, based in Minneapolis, is very happy with their second quarter premiums.  While their operating profit decreased due to a difficult economic situation, premiums were higher than Allianz had anticipated.  Sales of variable annuities were 44% higher than in the second quarter of 2009.  Fixed indexed annuity sales increased to $1.6 billion, up 9%.  The American unit of Germany's large insurance company Allianz had profits of $67 million, down from... Read More

Fixed Indexed Annuities Battle Over

It looks like the battle is over for fixed indexed annuities and other indexed annuity products.  The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said they would have to reevaluate their information after the U.S. Court of Appeals vacated the SEC's Rule 151A.  The SEC had hoped to get indexed annuities classified as securities so they would be put under the SEC's jurisdiction.  According to National Underwriter's "Rater: Indexed Annuity Ruling Will Stick," Standard & Poor's Ratings Services... Read More

Controversial Indexed Annuity Amendment

A strong debate over who should oversee equity indexed annuity products has been going on since the SEC introduced Rule 151A in 2008.  According to Investment News' "Indexed-annuities amendment: Insurers yea, advisers nay" by Mark Schoeff Jr. and Darla Mercado, the debate between sides will remain even if this amendment makes a final decision.  Regulation of equity indexed annuities will remain in the control of individual states if the bill passes, instead of transferring to the SEC as they... Read More

Best Annuities Work for CA Woman

The Los Angeles ABC affiliate's Ric Romero just did a piece about why "Annuities are perfect for some investors."  The story describes a California woman whose husband died on Christmas Day, leaving her struggling with the thought of paying the bills without him.  After seeking advice from an investment advisor, she found that the best annuities for her would not only protect the principal money left by her husband, but also give her a lifetime stream of income and avoid the stock market risk... Read More

Featured Press Release Regarding Annuity FYI & Equity Linked CDs

In the PR Web press release "Annuity FYI Endorses FDIC Insured Equity Linked CDs as Preferable to Fixed-Indexed Annuities," Annuity FYI's endorsement of equity linked CDs is highlighted.  Equity linked CDs seem to be a better investment for most investors than fixed-indexed annuities.  The investment products are issued by banks and linked to particular stock market indexes.  The FDIC insurance associated with equity linked CDs ensures that your principal is guaranteed.  Even though they... Read More

Best Annuities Could Be Tax Deferred

From the 1888 Press Release " Publishes a Guide to Tax Deferred Annuity," investors can see the basics and benefits of tax deferred annuities.  Tax deferred products may be the best annuities for you as an investor.  The products allow investors' wealth to accumulate tax free, building a solid nest egg for their future.  Unlike other investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds or CDs, annuities offer investors a guaranteed stream of lifetime income.There are three... Read More - Prefooter


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