Record Sales of Fixed Annuities

New York Life Insurance Company had a great first half of 2010 thanks to their sales of long term care insurance, fixed annuities, and mutual funds.  According to Insurance News Net's "New York Life Sees 47% Rise in Life Insurance Sales in First Half of 2010," the largest mutual life insurer in the U.S. and its 11,500 agents will remain leaders in their marketplace.The 47% increase in sales of individual life insurance is even in comparison to 2009's all-time record sales.  Their Custom... Read More

Immediate Annuity Prices Depend on Timing

Many Boston Globe readers have an increased interest in purchasing an immediate annuity, according to Humberto Cruz's "When you buy can affect how much you will pay for an immediate annuity."  Immediate annuities turn a lump sum payment into a stream of income you'll receive over your lifetime.  They are attractive right now with a still volatile stock market.As interest rates remain low, the price of an immediate annuity is higher than it would be at a time of higher annuity rates.  You... Read More

Immediate Annuity for LTC

In the Financial Times Adviser article "Retirement reform must be linked to LTC," Samantha Downes talks about Just Retirement's push for annuities.  Pension provider Just Retirement wants any pension reform by the government to include long term care needs.  While they have started to phase out the default retirement age and Just Retirement is pleased with that, the provider hopes that pension reform will include rules that allow an immediate annuity to take over long term care costs when... Read More

New Products: Fee-Based Variable Annuity & Immediate Annuity

Fee-based annuities are the newest in demand product, according to "Big insurers launching fee-based annuities" by Investment News' Darla Mercado.  These simpler and lower-cost annuities are geared towards dually registered advisers.  One of the first products is Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America's fee-based variable annuity.  The company just filed their request with the SEC and is looking into similar new products to release next year.New York Life Insurance Co. is also... Read More - Prefooter

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