Despite Their Value, Most 401k Plans Not Offering Annuity Products

Despite the fact that the majority of 401k plan participants are interested in guaranteeing a portion of their retirement plan income, the advisors to the plan sponsors are not bringing up the topic of annuities. Nick Thornton of Benefits Pro recently wrote the article, "Advisors to 401(k) plans not recommending annuities," to figure out wherein lies the disconnect. Annuities are one of the only ways to guarantee a lifetime stream of income from 401k plan retirement savings. Unfortunately,... Read More

Income Annuities Account For Most Risks In Retirement

Retirement planning expert Wade Pfau has spent countless hours researching the different types of retirement income planning tools available. In a recent article for Forbes magazine, "Understanding The Tools In Your Retirement Income Toolbox," he summarized the important facts about your income choices. Your first option is the Total Return Investment Portfolio. This is where you make systematic withdrawals from your investment portfolio. The benefit is that your money has the potential for... Read More

The Value of a Deferred Income Annuity

In an article for Marketwatch, our own Andrew Murdoch said that "A deferred-income annuity may help you get more cash later." Deferred income annuities have increased in popularity over the past few years. Recently, they were overshadowed in the news by fixed indexed annuities as their popularity soared. While indexed annuities are still popular, there is a slight concern after they were unexpectedly included in the DOL fiduciary rule's BICE guidelines. This might open up the market for... Read More

Why You Should Have An Annuity In Your Retirement Plan

Annuities are a big business, both for advisors and the insurance companies and other channels who sell them. But just because there is money to be made selling annuity products, it doesn't negate the benefits that consumers receive from these products as well. In an article for Main Street, Mark Henricks says that "Buying an Annuity Should be Part of Your Retirement Strategy." From 2010 to 2015, individuals bought more than $1 trillion worth of annuities. 2015 was an especially good year for... Read More

Fixed Annuity Guarantees Are One Piece of Retirement Planning Puzzle

In a recent Insurance News Net exclusive, Rich Lane discussed "Flipping The Switch On An Annuity Income Stream." He said that annuities are the only investment type that can provide you with the security of a guaranteed lifetime income stream. Retirement planning can be frightening for many people, so it is important to focus on your specific goals. For most of us the main goal is to be financially secure later in life, such as after retirement. A lot of people are looking for a more... Read More

SPIAs Trump DIAs & QLACs in Many Scenarios

Have you ever done a comparison of deferred income annuities and single premium immediate annuities? Lately, DIAs have been getting a lot more attention partly because of the Treasury Department making them easier to use in retirement plans. DIAs are getting searched on Google ten times more than SPIAs, but sales of SPIAs are still three times that of DIAs. Both products have benefits that are worthwhile to different individuals and families planning for their financial future. Joe Tomlinson... Read More

Annuities Can Create A Pension-Like Income Stream

In a recent special for USA Today,'s Jeff Reeves asked "Can an annuity act as your pension plan?" The short answer is yes. The majority of Americans would rather have the cushy and simple pension plans of decades ago, but unfortunately those pensions are a rarity nowadays. In 2011, only 10% of private companies had pension plans, covering just 18% of the workers in the private sector. I presume that number is already significantly lower just five years later. To put it into... Read More

Considerations Before Buying an Immediate Annuity

Annuity products are all over the news because of their importance in retirement income planning. They are the only investment product that offers the security that you won't run out of money for as long as you live. Although annuities are very valuable, many people have questions about the products and how they are used. U.S. News & World Report's Jeff Brown recently offered up "3 Things to Know About Immediate Annuities" to help better explain these often misunderstood products. Stocks... Read More

Immediate Annuities Meet A Variety of Needs

Retirement planning expert Walter Updegrave has written multiple books and articles about retirement and investing in our current economic conditions. He recently wrote an article for CNN Money about "How to get guaranteed retirement income for life." A reader asked about using immediate annuities to create lifetime income and Mr. Updegrave offered up information about immediate annuity products and tips on how to determine if they are right for your personal retirement planning. Many Americans... Read More

Fixed Annuity Industry is Happy with Fed’s Rate Increase

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates mid-month last December, which is likely a good thing for the fixed annuity industry. Insurance News Net's Linda Koco forecasted how the .25% increase would effect the industry in the article "Rate Increase Bodes Well for Fixed Annuity Sales." Fixed annuity sales were already up in the third quarter before the increase in interest rates. Beacon Research's President pointed out that insurance companies had already been gradually raising their fixed... Read More - Prefooter


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