No More Annuities from The Hartford

Big news came from The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. yesterday.  While it had previously been announced that they were looking to sell their annuities and life insurance businesses, a deal has been made to sell The Hartford's annuity business.  Forethought Financial Group Inc. is purchasing The Hartford's annuity marketing and management units, according to "Hartford selling facilities for new annuity sales" on CBS MoneyWatch.  The terms of the deal are private, but it does not... Read More

Indexed Annuities Market Growing and Changing

Indexed annuities have been growing at a much faster rate than variable annuities and fixed annuities in the past 5-10 years.  The Life Health Pro article, "New players enter indexed annuity space" by Maria Wood, says that the compound annual growth rate for indexed annuities was 9.3% from 2005-2010.  Variable annuities grew 1.9% and fixed annuities grew 2% in the same time frame.  These statistics were taken from Conning Research & Consulting's indexed annuity study.  Indexed annuities... Read More

Review of Hartford’s Variable Annuity: Benefits Without Drawbacks

For those hoping for a variable annuity that will not reduce death benefits when a lifetime income option is used, The Hartford's annuity enhancement is for you.  According to Market Watch's "The Hartford Enhances Its Variable Annuity To Help Consumers Achieve Both 'Living and Giving' Goals," this variable annuity upgrade allows you to leave a legacy to charity or to heirs.  The variable annuity products are in Hartford's Personal Retirement Manager (PRM) line of products.  When doing... Read More

Fewer Choices for Variable Annuities, Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

In the Wall Street Journal article, "Restyled Annuities Offer Fewer Choices," Leslie Scism says that variable annuities with lifetime income guarantees don't have as many investment options as they did a few years ago.  When the market was stronger, insurance companies used a wide range of investment options to compete with other insurers.  Once the market took a steep downturn, while the minimum income guarantees were fantastic for investors, insurance companies took a hit to keep their... Read More

Sales of the Best Annuities are Increasing

Financial advisors whose clients hold annuities haven't had to worry about fielding concerned investors' calls in this tumultuous market.  According to The Wall Street Journal article "Annuities Provide Safety, At a Price," author Russell Pearlman says that annuity sales have been increasing due to the difficulty in the financial markets.  Annuity sales went down in 2008, 2009, and 2010; but are expected to increase in 2011.  With the increasing interest in the best annuities on the market,... Read More

Hartford’s Variable Annuity Options

Clients of the Hartford Financial Services Group have a lot more investment options now when they are searching for a variable annuity.  In the Annuity News Journal article "The Hartford Introduces New Annuity Options," Steve Thompson discusses the new choices available.  Years of a volatile stock market have pushed many investors to the security of annuities, because of their guaranteed lifetime stream of income and risk protection from the equity market.  In particular, variable annuity... Read More

Three New Variable Annuities From Hartford Financial

In order to keep up with customer demand, Hartford Financial Services has three new variable annuities to offer investors.  The Stocks and Shares article "Hartford Financial Services In Variable Annuities Launch," discusses Hartford's current situation.  The Personal Retirement Manager group of variable annuities is popular with many pre and post retirees.  They have added three new personal protection riders for investors to choose from when selecting their variable annuity products.The... Read More

Advisors Help With 401k Annuities & Rollovers

According to a recent survey, investors are quite uncertain with the retirement issues surrounding them and could use more help from advisors.  Danielle Andrus of Advisor One says that many people are not happy with the support offered from their employer's retirement plan in her article "Unsatisfied and Uncertain--Investors Need Advisors' Help: Retirement Report Roundup."  Cogent Research's study of investors found that more than half were unhappy with their current situation and need... Read More

Annuity Products Help MetLife Surge

MetLife is one of the top life insurance companies, and their annuity products are a big reason why.  According to "MetLife Annuities See Positive Outlook" by Errol Baddoo of the Annuity News Journal, the company's annuity sales are soaring.  While they didn't take first place in annuity sales in 2010, MetLife's annuity sales of almost $21 billion made the top 5.  Their variable annuities sold $18 billion in 2010, a 19% increase from 2009.  While fixed annuity sales declined by 65%, they... Read More

New Variable Annuity From MetLife Improves Outlook

According to NASDAQ article "Positive Outlook for MetLife Annuity Sales," the Trefis Team says that MetLife's new variable annuity has accounted for over a $1 billion in sales in just one year.  MetLife teamed up with Fidelity Investments to offer the MetLife Growth and Guaranteed Income (MGGI) variable annuity, which is very popular among investors.  MetLife offers many different annuities, insurance products and retirement plans.  Their main competition comes from Prudential, AIG and... Read More - Prefooter

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