Planning to Purchase An Annuity? Consider This First

It seems as if annuities have been a hot topic again as advisers and investors continue to wonder when the next financial crisis will hit. It’s been a decade since the last major downturn causing many folks to start bracing for the next one. Whether looking to maximize the benefits of tax-deferred accumulation or create an immediate stream of protected retirement income, annuities are unique products that might be useful in your portfolio.There are several different types of annuities,... Read More

Prudential Focusing On Annuity Conversation

If you research annuity products online, you’re going to find a plethora of information that both support these financial tools and caution against them. With so much controversy surrounding them, many companies are still skeptical about selling annuities, but one in particular is taking a huge leap in favor of them. New Jersey-based Prudential has committed to not only create new products, but also to change the conversation about them.“Innovation is less about a core income solution... Read More

New Alliance Launches Education Campaign for Lifetime Income, Annuities

Last week, large strides were taken to address the national retirement income crisis in America. A coalition of 24 major insurers and asset management firms have joined forces to launch a public information campaign in an effort to educate consumers and financial advisers about the role annuities can play in a retirement income plan.“The Alliance for Lifetime Income believes the possibility of outliving hard-earned savings is a real threat to the financial and emotional well-being of... Read More

Lincoln Financial Announces New Variable Annuity

Lincoln Financial Group has recently announced the launch of a new indexed variable annuity, offering retirees options for protection and growth opportunities. According to a Business Wire press release, Lincoln Level AdvantageSM will allow clients to continue to build their savings while protecting assets from some of the most challenging risks in today’s market.Previously, Lincoln Financial released a study that found many savers are concerned about portfolio protection, especially as... Read More

Survey Says: Workers Interested in Adding Annuities

According to a recent study, more and more workers are expressing an interest in adding annuities to their defined contribution plans from work. A whopping 80% of survey participants said that they would like to put some, or even all, of their money into annuities. Currently, many companies do not offer annuity choices within their employer-sponsored plans. The survey also found that some are still hesitant about annuities, but the majority of these workers are those who are close or... Read More

New Fixed Index Annuity Series from American Equity

Last week, American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company announced the launch of a new fixed index annuity series, the Income Shield series. The new products offer contract owners a variety of guaranteed income options in addition to the ability to secure a lifelong revenue stream, according to a recent press release. American Equity is one of the leading underwriter of index and fixed rate annuities.“Our new IncomeShield series provides the guaranteed protection and income options... Read More

Brighthouse Financial Updates Living Benefit Rider

In an effort to give financial advisors and their clients more investment flexibility, Brighthouse Financial Inc. has made some changes to its FlexChoice variable annuity living benefit rider. The update lets clients choose their own investment option asset allocations, according to a recent article from ThinkAdvisor. Previously, clients were required to allocate assets to risk-managed portfolios.Myles Lambert, chief distribution and marketing officer at Brighthouse, said the company... Read More

LIMRA Study Finds Annuities Provide Sense of Security

For one reason or another, annuities have been given a bad rap, most likely because of the complex nature of these financial tools. But regardless of whether you love them or hate them, according to a recent LIMRA study, retirees who own them feel more secure than those who do not.The study, discussed in a recent article from 401(k) Specialist magazine, found that 75% of retirees who own an annuity believe they will be able to live the lifestyle they want in retirement, compared to just 64%... Read More

New Push for Annuities in 401(k) Plans

***UPDATED: March 20, 2018*** On the heels of a report from the Treasury Department that encouraged plan sponsors to offer annuities in 401(k)s, the Senate has introduced new bipartisan legislation. The bill, the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act of 2018, is very similar to legislation that was unanimously passed the Senate Finance Committee in 2016. According to a recent article from Investment News, the measure is being sponsored by committee chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Ron Wyden... Read More

Survey Says: Americans Want Guaranteed Monthly Income in Retirement

According to a recent survey, most Americans would choose a monthly income of $2,700 a month for life over a lump sum retirement payment of $500,000, as reported in a Benefits Pro article. TIAA’s Lifetime Income Survey found that while 62% of Americans say they’d opt for a lifelong monthly check, only 32% of participants say their retirement plan offers that option. And of those who don’t have access, half would like the choice of a lifelong monthly check from their plan.While these... Read More - Prefooter


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