Many Companies Made Variable Annuity Changes Recently

Last month brought about a lot of changes to the annuity market, as May often does.  In Darla Mercado's Investment News article, "It must be May in VA-land: Payout cuts, price hikes, new products," she writes about all of the variable annuity changes common to the month of May.  Changes over the past couple of years have been consistent.  Fees are higher, equity market risk is lower, and living benefits are not offered up as they used to be.  Many companies who sell variable annuities have... Read More

Using an Immediate Annuity for Retirement: 4 Different Ways

As we are always stressing here at Annuity FYI, there are both good annuities and bad annuities.  In Steve Vernon's article for CBS News' Moneywatch, "The best way to buy annuities for retirement," he says that annuities hold an important place in your retirement planning efforts.  Since they can be complex, it is worth the time spent to research exactly what product will be right for you.  One week of Mr. Vernon's series, "16 Weeks to Plan Your Retirement," focuses on how to buy an... Read More

Insurance, Like Annuities, Helpful for Retirement

In "Three Insurance Policies That Could Help Pay for Retirement," Jennifer Nelson discusses the benefits of annuities, permanent life insurance, and return of premium term life insurance.  Fox Business published the article which stresses that you should first contribute all you can to your 401k plan and other tax benefit plans until you have maxed those out.  Most people underestimate the importance of insurance and don't even know how it could help boost your retirement... Read More

Is A Variable Annuity with GLWB Worth the Cost?

In "Demystifying Variable Annuities," Bank Investment Consultant's David Blanchett explains why a variable annuity with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB) is worth looking into.  The GLWB is often referred to as a GMWB, or guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit.  This optional rider guarantees that you will receive a lifetime income stream, leaves your remaining account balance as a death benefit when you pass, and gives you the potential for increasing payments if the markets are... Read More

No-Load Variable Annuity Expansion from Nationwide

You will now be able to get more from Nationwide Financial when it comes to alternative types of annuities.  Nationwide is taking their fee-based and alternative annuities and joining the products with their traditional annuity offerings.  Many people will be able to benefit from this transition within Nationwide, according to Plan Adviser's Jill Cornfield.  In "Nationwide Expands Annuities Distribution," we learn that this will help advisors better meet their clients' needs and help clients... Read More

Different Retirement Annuity Products Compared to Drawdown

In the article "Retirement income: New strategies should be welcomed," Mark Warshawsky compares some retirement scenarios using different types of annuities.  The Pensions & Investments article points out the importance of a successful retirement strategy, especially for baby boomers heading into retirement.  The government has been stressing the importance of annuities as both the Treasury and Labor Departments have plans to change rules in order to make it easier to use annuities in... Read More

New Annuity Upgrades From Vanguard

Vanguard recently made some positive changes to their annuity and mutual fund products, according to Forbes' Mel Lindauer.  The article, "Welcome changes at Vanguard," highlights three important changes made by the company.  First, Vanguard eliminated their Asset Allocation Fund, which allowed the fund managers to use whatever percentage of equities they felt was best.  This Asset Allocation Fund had been used in Vanguard's LifeStrategy Funds and took away the investors' ability to manage... Read More

Variable Annuities: Don’t Judge an Article by its Title

While the title of Robert Powell's MarketWatch article indicates that variable annuities with GLWB's aren't good, it's a bit misleading with the honest information presented in the article.  In "Variable-annuity guarantees disappoint over time," Powell basically says that variable annuities are not right for everyone and they aren't always a good fit, something that Annuity FYI always tries to portray.  While they aren't everyone's best investment, they are good for many people and for... Read More

Variable Annuity is a Hot Product

The Insured Retirement Institute found that variable annuities are as popular as ever, reaching record levels of sales in the 3rd quarter of this year.  Net variable annuity sales of $8.8 billion had not been reached since the 3rd quarter of 2007 saw $8.9 billion in sales.  With this quarter's $39 billion in total variable annuity sales, the industry is on track to reach $150 billion in annuity sales for the year.  This information comes from Advisor One's Danielle Andrus, in her article... Read More

Review of Hartford’s Variable Annuity: Benefits Without Drawbacks

For those hoping for a variable annuity that will not reduce death benefits when a lifetime income option is used, The Hartford's annuity enhancement is for you.  According to Market Watch's "The Hartford Enhances Its Variable Annuity To Help Consumers Achieve Both 'Living and Giving' Goals," this variable annuity upgrade allows you to leave a legacy to charity or to heirs.  The variable annuity products are in Hartford's Personal Retirement Manager (PRM) line of products.  When doing... Read More - Prefooter

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