Indexed Annuity Sales Record

Insurance News Net's article "Indexed Annuities Post Record 3Q Sales" summarizes annuity sales information collected from LIMRA's annuity research department.  With indexed annuity sales of $8.7 billion, this safe investment product is seeing quite the surge in popularity.  The third quarter sales were an increase over last year's third quarter of 16%, and an increase of 6% over the second quarter of this year.  A LIMRA spokesperson credits the increased demand for indexed annuity products... Read More

Compare Annuities Linked to LTC Insurance

While a new law went into effect this year allowing for great tax benefits for linking your annuity to long term care insurance, there is only one available product in the state of Ohio currently.  J. Brendan Ryan of wrote about the new benefit in his article "Linking long-term care insurance to annuities" this week.  Tax benefits when you compare annuities used to pay for long term care insurance and those which do not are great.  When you begin receiving payments on a... Read More

Retirement Income From 401k Annuities

Many people have realized over the past few years that they don't nearly have enough money to live out their retirement.  During and after the financial crisis people were not only hit hard losing some of the investments and savings, they also took stock of what was there and were shocked at how far it would take them.  In "Annuities Can Help Provide Income in Retirement," a US Insurance editor talks about how important annuities are in a retirement plan.  Company retirement plans and other... Read More

Fixed Annuity Collaboration

BBVA Compass is collaborating with Western National Life Insurance Company on a new fixed annuity product, according to Insurance News Net's "BBVA Compass Announces Strategic Alliance with Western National to Launch Branded Annuity."  The BBVA Compass Asset Annuity has a flexible-premium and is tax deferred.  It is only offered through BBVA Compass Insurance Agency, Inc., but is guaranteed by Western National, a leader in the fixed annuities market.  This marks the first time that BBVA... Read More

Fixed Annuity Sales Up From First Quarter

According to Investment News' article "NY Life tops 2Q list of fixed-annuities sellers" by Darla Mercado, fixed annuity sales increased from the first quarter of this year to the second quarter.  With sales of $19.4 billion in the second quarter, fixed annuity sales increased 18% from the first quarter but went down 30% from last year.  New York Life Insurance Co. sold $1.74 billion of fixed annuities to nab the top sales spot.  Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America had the second... Read More

The Wealthy Need A Fixed, Variable or Indexed Annuity

In the past, many wealthy investors shied away from annuities, traditionally a middle class investment used to pay basic living expenses in retirement.  More and more of the wealthy population realizes the guaranteed lifetime income and tax benefits they will receive from purchasing annuities, according to "An Annuity: What No Well-Heeled Client Can Do Without."  Warren Hersch's article, from the National Underwriter, discusses the benefits that clients with a high net worth will receive from... Read More

Variable Annuity Sales Help Prudential

Prudential Financial Inc. and Jackson National Life Insurance Company have seen a large increase in their variable annuity sales through banks.  Prudential has seen the majority of their overall growth come from new channels of distribution, rather than their past sales channels.  Their second quarter variable annuity sales were $5.31 billion, which was an increase from $3.37 billion in the first quarter of this year.  While they saw a decline in their fixed annuity sales and after-tax... Read More

When A Fixed Annuity Should Be Purchased

According to article "Whether and when to buy fixed annuities," J. Brendan Ryan says that there are good reasons to buy a fixed annuity.  They offer safety to investors, much like Social Security but with a higher monthly payout off which you could actually live.  While they are subject to the financial stability of the insurance company that will be making your payments, doing research and choosing a stable insurer should offer you a secure future.  The older you are when you... Read More

Variable Annuities Add New Choice

According to a company press release, First Investors Life has a new deferred option to add to the variable annuities marketplace.  Their 'First Choice' product is flexible, with the ability to choose from many different options.  There are 11 subaccounts, all professionally managed with different goals and levels of risk.  If you purchase a First Choice variable annuity, you can put money into all of the subaccounts if you desire, as long as each has a minimum of 1%.Investors won't pay... Read More

Fixed Annuity Sales Increase

According to Insurance News Net, "Fixed Annuities Make a Slow Recovery."  Overall annuity sales stayed flat from March to April after a steady increase at the start of 2010.  The total variable and fixed annuity sales from banks in April was $3.3 billion.  Although that number was 26% lower than the $4.4 billion sold in April of 2009, the total annuity sales have increased significantly from their low point in January of 2010.Fixed annuity sales increased 9% to $2 billion, almost... Read More - Prefooter

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