Immediate Annuities Generate Retirement Income

According to Steve Vernon's article, "Planning Your Retirement: The Best Investments to Generate Income" on CBS Money Watch, there are three good choices when it comes to generating retirement income.  He is quick to point out that the same solutions do not work for everyone, but each person has to consider the same questions to determine which investments will work for them.  Figure out the right mix of investments for your situation then choose specific investments and services.  Immediate... Read More

Fixed Annuities Welcome a New Product From MassMutual

MassMutual has introduced a new product in the world of fixed annuities, according to a company press release entitled "New Fixed Annuity Introduced: MassMutual Stable Voyage(SM)."  This single premium deferred fixed annuity offers many benefits to investors, including interest rate guarantees and protection on part of their investment.  They advertise guarantees in an economic climate where they are hard to find.  There is also stability on a portion of the investment, good for those... Read More

Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity Helps You Retire

The CEO & President of American Equity Investment Life Holding Company says that fixed equity indexed annuity products are an excellent retirement savings tool both used alone and in combination with other products.  In her CNBC guest article "CEO Blog: It's TIme to Stop One-Sided Retirement Planning," Wendy Waugaman says that it's unfortunate many retirement planners only recommend stock market and investment products to their clients.  With $2 trillion lost in retirement savings in less... Read More

Annuity Products Help MetLife Surge

MetLife is one of the top life insurance companies, and their annuity products are a big reason why.  According to "MetLife Annuities See Positive Outlook" by Errol Baddoo of the Annuity News Journal, the company's annuity sales are soaring.  While they didn't take first place in annuity sales in 2010, MetLife's annuity sales of almost $21 billion made the top 5.  Their variable annuities sold $18 billion in 2010, a 19% increase from 2009.  While fixed annuity sales declined by 65%, they... Read More

New Variable Annuity From MetLife Improves Outlook

According to NASDAQ article "Positive Outlook for MetLife Annuity Sales," the Trefis Team says that MetLife's new variable annuity has accounted for over a $1 billion in sales in just one year.  MetLife teamed up with Fidelity Investments to offer the MetLife Growth and Guaranteed Income (MGGI) variable annuity, which is very popular among investors.  MetLife offers many different annuities, insurance products and retirement plans.  Their main competition comes from Prudential, AIG and... Read More

Top 20 Sellers of Total, Fixed, & Variable Annuities

LIMRA just released annuity sales results from the fourth quarter of 2010 and the total year results, according to Ruthie Ackerman's article in the Financial Times. "Who Were the Top 20 Annuity Writers in 2010?" summarizes the top sellers.  Total annuity sales were published along with totals for sales of variable annuities and fixed annuities.  Of the top 20, half of them had sales increases over the previous year.  The top three sellers of variable annuities reached sales records, while... Read More

Real World Scenarios: Fixed Annuity Vs. Variable Annuity

Here is a real world question regarding fixed and variable annuities. On the advice of my financial planner, I moved my fixed annuity to a variable annuity and now my value is down. What should I do? I really don’t have enough information to give you a specific answer -- I would need to see if you are qualified for the variable annuity by assessing your risk tolerance, time frame, and goals, and understand the value of the annuity, the percentage of your assets that the... Read More

Annuity Rates Could Be On the Rise

According to Insurance & Financial Advisor's Jaime L. Brockway, life insurance and annuity business is improving even though there are still some challenges ahead.  In the article "U.S. life, annuity sectors improve, but face obstacles," Brockway says that A.M. Best improved the ratings outlook for the life and annuity industry to stable from negative.  The ratings were not increased to the level from before the financial crisis because the overall economy in the U.S. has been slow to... Read More

Fixed Annuity Is Good Choice

In Hometown News, Rick Bloom was asked whether a couple in retirement should use their $50,000 savings to purchase a fixed annuity or a CD given their individual situation.  Bloom's article "Fixed annuity can be good retirement plan tool," contains his opinion that a fixed annuity is their best option.  He says that there are many great fixed annuity products on the market and points out that they are a great investment for people looking to preserve their principal.  While fixed annuity... Read More

Why Equity Indexed Annuities Are Popular

According to Matthew Sturdevant of The Hartford Courant, "Indexed Annuities (are) a Perfect Investment During (the) Recession."  His interview with Dana Pederson of Phoenix Cos. explains why equity indexed annuities are so important for investors and so popular right now.  An indexed annuity is almost like a hybid of a fixed annuity and a variable annuity.  Since your investment is linked to an equity index, you have the potential to earn money if there is a gain in your index.  But unlike... Read More - Prefooter


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